The constant stream of cases coming to light regarding child sexual abuse and the sentencing of paedophiles, trapped in time to the dates of the “offence” incensed me to start a petition to demand a tariff on the sentence of the abusers.

The survivors of abuse and those that didn’t survive will have suffered for the whole term since the abuse occurred. For many the abuse is internalised and hidden like a bottle of poison inside of their self, waiting for the day it explodes and tears them apart.

The paedophile abuser, carries on their life believing they have got away with their vile practices on the innocent, the innocence they destroy. It is time to turn the table.

Paedophiles in historic sex abuse cases, abuse that is happening now and abuse in the future, need to be aware that they should be looking over their shoulder and realise the longer they think they have got away with their sick and vile abuse, the longer they face in prison.

I call for a time period for the paedophiles hidden in our society to come forward and be monitored and sentenced as they are at present by the date of the abuse. After that date they should know the full weight of the law will sentence them with the tariff I am demanding. This is in effect NOT retrospective sentencing but a tariff they must pay for their silence on their vile actions.

I revoke my anonymity for my petition and my campaign.